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BIO Zertifikat


Austria Bio Garantie certifies us with the organic-certification body code AT-BIO-301 for fruits, vegetables, herbs and some commercial products (like vinegar, gourmet food, legumes, food ingredients, oils, oil fruits and tea)

Our Terms of Delivery - so that we get along well


We are living with the rules of our nature.

Lets be quite clear about our communication. Therefore we have recorded the rules of our business cooperation in our terms of delivery - here is the link for the download:

Actual Informations of our Suppling Countries of Origin


The weather is the most important companion of our fruit and vegetable products until the crop. Frost, dryness, heat, hail, but also excessive rain - especially during the harvest season can influence the quality and success dramatically. Here you will find the current temperatures and weather conditions of some of our supplier countries.


... with the currency converter your conversion rates are always up to date.

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