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Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs for Industrial Purpose from reliable Partners and special Regions.

We supply fruits and vegetables from special regions with the focus on Europe and Chile in the quality requested by our partners.

We count on our customers and suppliers and are thinking long term.

The personal contact with you is important for us!


We count on you!

b&b regionfruit international - Product portfolio, Partners und Projects

has been founded in October 2013, based on 28 years experience in the production and in the import of fruits, vegetables and herbs - frozen, in purees, concentrated and dried - as well conventional and organic.

Fruits from Austria

we are processing fresh fruit from Austrian farmers in your requested quality. 


frozen: sweetcherry without stone, apricot (with and without stone), strawberry, gooseberry, blackberry and raspberry  

aseptic and non aseptic bags

we are the agent of ARAN packaging. ARAN packaging is one of the worldwide leaders in the production of bags for liquids - aseptic and nonaseptic with the focus on quality, innovations and service. ARAN packaging processes in Israel, Spain and USA

Mangopuree ex Mali

Montecarlofruit combines the unique quality of wild mango from Africa with reliable service from Europe - Conventional, Organic, Babyfood and Fairtrade

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